About Us

Our origins as a private nursery

Established in 2019, Little Steps Big Steps Nursery was initiated for parents wanting to study adult provisions but required childcare facilities to ensure that their children’s health and safety is uninhibited by their learning.

There is a significant emphasis in ensuring that a rigid structure is maintained to ensure that an ongoing relationship develops between the parents, children and staff, since they are the foundation of a well-functioning nursery.

Ethos and Vision

Little Steps Big Steps Nursery stemmed from the recognition of providing quality educational services for our community. It's the drive for our vision to create the same opportunities for young children, who want to voice their curiosity and develop their potential in a nurturing environment.

Our focus, as a nursery, is to offer a great environment for the children to the best of our abilities, and maintain a partnership with parents to achieve maximised co-operation. We nurture and appreciate every child individually and provide dependable assistance to all parents in a dedicated chapter through a new unfamiliarity from first inquiry to starting school.


Our Ongoing Commitment

Children are vital members of Little Steps Big Steps Nursery and we support the growth of their independence and confidence alongside value and care for others. We embrace and acknowledge all children at Little Steps Big Steps Nursery, regardless of their ability, gender, race, cultural heritage or religion, and encourage them all to accomplish their potential physically, intellectually, academically, emotionally and socially.

Little Steps Big Steps Nursery is aware that a proficient and devoted team of staff and, parents are the vital contributors for joyful children; therefore we appreciate the skills and ideas that the partnership can bring us.